Strassen® Bavaria Tumbled Pavers

Strassen® Bavaria Tumbled Pavers

A large-scale paver with a top that resembles aged natural stone roads. This four-piece system offers endless design possibilities to satisfy your creative imagination. In addition, this line comes in sizes configured to create full circles, half circles, arches or any other circular pattern. A unique feature of our circle stones is that one side is textured and the other is smooth, use whichever fits your taste. This design comes in a color palette of deep reds to greens. We assure you that Bavaria will give you a luxurious look in your outdoor space.

Strassen® Bavaria II Pavers

Strassen® Bavaria II Pavers

The unique design of the edge without the aging creates an old cobblestone look, giving you a sharp, clean, textured appearance. The Bavaria II is suitable for projects whether the look is old-world or contemporary.


Vavel™ Pavers

Walking on a Vavel paver is like walking the paths and courtyards leading to the century-old castles of Europe. Using Vavel in your backyard or driveway creates the ambiance of medieval times. The Vavel line comes in a larger scale that includes multiple sizes in rich earthy color tones and the tumbling process softens the edges giving the weathered appearance of old stone pavements.

Vavel II™

Vavel II™ Pavers

Vavel II™ Pavers offers rich earthy color tones and multiple sizes will create a patio or driveway that resembles natural stone without the expense. This paver offers the clean textured surface of stone and clear crisp edges to create a more contemporary look.

Kastle Flats

Kastle Flats Slabs

Create warm, majestic entrances or your own personal oasis to relax and enjoy with family and friends. Kastle Flats delivers with its large scale for contemporary design. A hint of texture softens its bold but classic look as light dances off the surface highlighting the features of this new elegant slab.


Bulovar® Slabs

Bulovar® slab was developed especially to mimic the look of a classic boardwalk. This slab gives you the traditional look of wood with enhanced longevity in either solid or blend colors. This one simple rectangular stone is elegant in its appearance.

BrŭkStone® Pavers

BrŭkStone® Slabs

The BrŭkStone® paver delivers a pavement that gives you the look and feel of Mother Nature. Not just any ordinary paver, the textured top and irregular sizes will harmonize with any desired setting. Made in rich earth tone colors and various sizes.

Old Munich

Old Munich Slabs

Old Munich is designed with the elements of natural stone in mind. This slab allows for ease of installation with only one size. Its rich earth tone colors match those of traditional stone. The Old Munich is the perfect choice to achieve the look of randomly sized natural stones for your patio, walk or garden path.

Holland Stone™ Pavers

Holland Stone™

Holland Stone pavers has the renowned durability of interlocking paving stones, yet offers the charm of a simple rectangular shape.

Cobble Series™ Pavers

Cobble Series™ Pavers

A distinctive look and feel of European cobblestones, the Cobble Series™ Pavers are a beautiful reminder of time since past. The Cobble Series™ Pavers consists of several unique shapes and a variety of colors, making the number of potential pattern designs virtually unlimited.

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